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D&R Lyra Digital Broadcast Console


The Lyra is a fully digital desktop production mixer. Its concept originates from heavy investigations among end users and distributors looking for a versatile compact small universal desktop mixer. An intense cooperation between T.I. and D&R has resulted in a digital audio mixer offering tremendous DSP power and a superb sonic quality.

The core of the Lyra is a sophisticated DSP engine. This processing engine involves the latest developments in DSP technology by Texas Instruments. Although the Lyra is a digital console, it is operated with the same comfort as a conventional analog production mixer. No fundamental concessions have been made towards reliability, high speed controller-response and system stability. Apart from that there is the unique capability to control Lyra's functions over the Internet

Over 18 inputs (7x digital, 7x analog, 4x microphones inputs) are connected to a digital cross-point router to accept various formats of audio. This router actually is an integrated programmable patch-bay allowing you to send any of the input signals to any desired processing channels of the DSP’s.

These processing channels consist out of a three band parametric Eq-section and dynamics control application. The signal output by the DSP channel can be routed to main stereo busses. Every main buss is stereo and has dedicated analog outputs, but the bus signals can also be routed to a digital output as well.

The Lyra-4 has four processing channels with 100m faders with large illuminated on and Cue switches and a rotary encoder for multiple functions. A LCD per channel shows input selections and many other functions.


Standard Configuration

  • 6x stereo balanced line inputs
  • 1x stereo unbalanced line inputs
  • 4x balanced microphone Channels
  • 6x stereo digital outputs AES3
  • 1x stereo digital output s/p-dif optical + coax
  • 1x stereo Program analog
  • 1x stereo SUB analog
  • 1x stereo CUE analog
  • 1x stereo AUX analog
  • 1x stereo CRM analog
  • 2x stereo PHONES analog
  • Telephone Hybrid (Optional Add-on)

Technical Data


Mic inputs: bal, 2kOhm, XLR. Phantom: 48 volt.
  • - Noise: - 122 dBr (A-weighted).
  • - Sensitivity: - 70dB min, OdB max.
  • - Insert: -10dBv in/out.
  • - Line inputs: unbal., 10kOhm, Cinch.
  • - Gain: range of 40dB.
  • - Phono inputs: unbal. 47kOhm, 5 mV.
  • - 2 Track return: - 10 dBV at 10kOhm.
  • - Aux returns: - 10 dBv at 10kOhm stereo


  • - Fully compliant with USB 2.0 playback and record mode.
  • - HID Functions: Volume/Mute

Telephone hybrids

  • - RJ-11 connectors for phone line/dialler
  • - Mix Minus rejection @1kHz -60dB.


  • - Left/Right: + 4 dBu bal. XLR.
  • - Monitor/Aux : + 4dBu unbal. on Cinch.
  • - Headphone: 16-600 Ohm, Jack.
  • - Announcer: 16-600 Ohm, Jack.


  • - High: + / -12 dB at 12kHz shelving. Mid: + / -12dB at 1 kHz bell curve. Low: + / -12dB at 60 Hz bell curve.


  • - Frequency response: 10 - 60.000Hz. Distortion: < 0.009% max at 1 kHz.
  • - Start switch: reed relay.
  • - Ledbars: 21 segment.
  • - Power Consumption: 30VA