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AM Antenna Systems

EWI provides high-performance antenna & mast systems for radio broadcasting backed by more than thirty years of leadership in the trade. Based on the knowledge that an antenna is a highly important and influential part of the RF chain, EWI pays special attention to the design of its broadcast antennas to assure the best and most efficient signal on air. EWI´s competence is based on more than 30 years of continuous activity and experience in the antenna field.

SW Broadcast Antennas


  • - DRM capability within the full frequency range
  • - Optimized gain in accordance with specific broadcaster needs
  • - Rigid antenna dipole technology for increased mechanical stability
  • - Highest radiation pattern efficiency
  • - Highest system efficiency
  • - Fast installation and lowest maintenance works
  • - Rotatable curtain antennas
  • - Quickest start-up of worldwide coverage
  • - Adaptation of transmission parameters at a finger-tip by remote control
  • - High front-to-back ratio
  • - Small footprint

MW Broadcast Antennas


  • - Optimized gain in accordance with specific broadcaster needs
  • - Highest radiated energy to target area for best antenna efficiency
  • - Maximum performance
  • - Highest efficiency
  • - Best reliability and maintainability
  • - Optimized insulation layouts and designs
  • - Fully customized systems
  • - Full DRM compatibility as option
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