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We are your complete turn-key solution for studios, transmitters, automation and equipment.

It is crucial to involve your integrator early in the planning stages of your facility.  Development of proper plans and drawings can help you to maximize space in your facility, as well as get the most for your installation and integration budget.  Our expert planning and design staff can help plan your new facility to include plenty of room, cabling, and the right infrastructure not only for your current needs but to allow for future expansion.  Our integrators will also coordinate with other contractors working on your facility to provide the most efficient use of time and materials.  A second crucial part of design is selecting the right equipment for you.  In today's radio economy you need every piece of equipment to deliver the maximum performance at the best possible price.  Let our professionals help you find the best products for your needs.

Our professional integration team can install everything you need, from cable tray and conduit, to rack placement, cable installation, construction of the block wall (punch blocks, d-rings, tie bases for cable ties), installing cross connects and installation of AC power.  When we integrate your facility you can be sure every wire is properly labeled on both ends, all blocks, ports, patch bays and connectors are labeled and you are provided with a complete set of documentation for your facility.  Nothing is ever left to guesswork after East West Infiniti (Pvt) Ltd plans, builds and integrates your facility.

In today's broadcasting world, time is money and we can help save you hours or weeks building and punching wires. With an East West Infiniti (Pvt) Ltd pre-wire you can be sure the connections will be right, labeled and ready for installation. We can build a pre-wire for any audio console or device you may need. Our pre-wire is not just limited to consoles, we also build pre-wires for phone systems, transmitter remote controls, remote broadcast equipment and more. Tell us what you needs are and we'll build it for you.

Our pre-wire is custom built to fit your needs. Any length, cable type, connector, or termination block. You tell us, or let us help you choose the best solution to your pre-wire needs.