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FULL DIGITAL INTERFACE AND CONTROL, Modular Series, Frequency Agile - User can select any channel from 87.6 MHz to 108MHz. Digital Auto Power Control - Output power is maintained at your selected level, both forward and reflected power are displayed on the front panel. Display - Blue colored screen provide easy viewing off all parameters under high ambient light. State of the Art DIGITAL EXCITER and HIGH QUALITY BROADCAST DIGITAL STEREO ENCODER.

Transmitter fulfills CCIR AND FCC standards. Extensive transmitter protection minimizes system downtime. Complete redundant design with automatic failover control. Light weight design and plugin play configuration allows users to be online just seconds.


- Digital FM Modulator
- Solid State Stereo Amplifier
- Highest Signal Quality
- Perfect Audio Fidelity
- Control of all Signal Parameters
- Proactive Maintenance Data
- Intuitive Web Interface
- Support of SNMP protocol
- Power saving: up to 74% Efficiency
- Longer Life, Lower Maintenance Costs
- FM Limiter with MPX power control
- Radio Data System (Optional Add-on)
- GSM Remote Interface (Optional Add-on)
- IP Audio Interface (Optional Add-on)



EXC 30GT 30W FM Exciter


EXC 100GT 100W FM Exciter

300W model also available
Available in Dual Drive, 1+1 & N+1 Configurations


BW Broadcast's renowned transmitters have been getting stations on the air for over 15 years. Radio ‘Pick Hit’ winning V2 FM Transmitters are packed with features to improve sound quality & reliability.

The TX V2 series has integrated multi-band DSPX audio processing built-in that means stations without a dedicated processor sound great, right out of the box. It also has one of the industry’s cleanest exciters and an ultra-low distortion modulator which go to make it a highly stable FM transmission system. Clean, loud, market leading audio performance that will crush the competition.

With Gold Clamp Transistors and Slide-in Power Supplies on-site repairs have never been simpler. We’ve made our transmitters the most intelligent on the market by adding Ethernet Remote, Email Alerts, Silence Detection, Advanced Alarms as well as an In-built Logger.

Analogue, Digital and Composite Inputs give maximum flexibility to interface with any existing and future audio chains, alleviating compatibility problems and future proofing your equipment.


- XLR analogue/digital inputs
- Composite input
- Stereo encoder
- Pre-emphasis audio limiter
- Built-in 4 Band Audio Processor
- Antenna fault protection
- VSWR and temp monitoring
- Slide-in power supplies
- Gold-clamp transistors
- RS232 remote control
- 2 year international warranty
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TX5 V2 FM Exciter


TX300 V2 FM Exciter

50W model also available
Slide in power supply only available in 300W model


FM Exciter from Eddystone highly advanced, fully featured broadcast FM exciter that is also ideally suited for use as a low power standalone transmitter. Use of wideband design techniques means that frequency setting is easily achieved from soft keys on the front panel with no further tuning required. The frequency can also be remotely controlled via the RS232 or TCP/IP ports on the rear of the unit. Our exciters use a unique ultra linear modulator to give superb sound reproduction with freedom from overshoots and artefacts.

It will operate into any load without damage thanks to its VSWR cut back circuit that protects the power amplifier stage from adverse operating conditions. The front panel LCD metering shows forward and reflected power together with internal voltages, temperature and the modulation level. Quick view LED's show advanced status information including CPU ok, system normal, modulation status and external mute. The PA section also has LED's which show forward, reverse, temperature and CPU status. The addition of the unique modulation alarm, gives broadcasters alarm status outputs and indications that will show loss of audio or over modulation.

An external system, additionally data sockets are provided for use with systems that have the ability to control exciters via RS232 or TCP/IP. Eddystone Exciter are fully compatible with N+1 systems and dual drive configuration.

Very conservatively rated components and a switch mode power supply are used to ensure extremely high reliability and to give good efficiency. A comprehensive range of input options is available.



XE Series FM Exciter/Transmitter

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30W, 50W, 75W, 150W and 300W models also available