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Radio Data System Encoders

SmartGen 6.0 – RDS / RBDS Encoder

Based on the latest RDS technology, SmartGen 6 guarantees fully digital synthesis of the RDS signal, with excellent quality and spectral purity. Easy remote configuration is guaranteed through the supported ASCII or UECP protocols.

SmartGen 4.1 – RDS / RBDS Encoder

The SmartGen 4.1 is a fully-functional RDS/RBDS encoder that supports all service IDs and offers simultaneous scrolling-PS, RT messaging and the interactive function RT+ for song tagging. It supports both RDS and RBDS Standards.

SmartGen Mini – RDS / RBDS Encoder

The SmartGen Mini is the easiest and most inexpensive solution for your station for RDS/RBDS. The USB and LAN connectivity allows programming of the non-volatile memory, using any PC and the supplied Windows® software.

SmartGen Micro – RDS / RBDS Encoder

The SmartGen Micro demonstrates an excellent price-performance ratio. This unit can transmit all the basic RDS plus decoder information and music/speech flags. This unit will also guarantee you PS and radio text scrolling options.
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