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Studio to Transmitter Links


ECOM Digital STL Multimode Link, is a Digital multimode digital radio link most commonly used as a studio-transmitter link that sends high quality stereo audio from the broadcast studio to located remote from the transmitter site to the broadcast transmitter.

The ECOM DSTL link allows broadcasters to setup a secure link between the studio and transmitter using a radio link, the digital multimode link is designed to work at distances of up to 12Km, higher power models are available which can work on distance up to 25Km. ECOM DSTL comes with optional telephone hot line providing dedicated hotline between the studio and transmitter. Various antenna mounts and arm brackets for different installations are also available.

ECOM Digital STL handles the new MPEG 1/2 layer 3 encryption algorithm to arrive at standards of excellence. No encoder, operating on a PC, allows you to obtain the 7th degree level of quality (indistinguishable from the original for all ears and all programs.) These algorithms run into an internal high-speed DSP. Encoding at 192 Kbps (kilobits per second) with VBR technology (Variable Bit Rate), allows for a faithful and accurate reproduction of a recording session done at 24 bits @ 192 KHz. This is crucial to face the new FM digital radio. ECOM digital STL link allows for the excellent sound quality that is always appreciated by the listeners.

The ECOM Digital STL link can be deployed in various scenarios; the illustration above shows some of the various applications and deployment options for which the ECOM Digital multimode link system can be used. .

The ECOM digital STL is capable of linking two independent FM transmitter sites in different locations from one main ON-AIR Studio. .

The ECOM digital mobile STL can also be used with an OB Van or ENG Van which can be covering a live event and broadcast directly to the FM Radio Station or to the Transmitter site, allowing you to cover the live events and providing a live audio feed.


ECOM DSTL-2400 Transmitter


ECOM DSTL-2400 Receiver




The EXC/RTX18b is a modern direct-synthesis, frequency-agile broadcast quality Studio to Transmitter Link, which may be factory preset on a very wide frequency range. The design of this equipment derives from a restyling of the time and field proven EXC/RTX18 series, in a new look. Affordable, reliable and packed with the latest technology, Sielco STL Transmitters and Recivers with full digital readout and complete and intuitive front panel control through a simple single jog coupled with extensive remote programmability and monitoring.

Sielco Series 18B STL links available in 200 Mhz to 960Mhz (please specify exact frequency when ordering) complete with Stereo Encoder and Decoder.

The excellent and even better modulation characteristics, i.e. low noise, distortion and broad pass-band, the performance of the optional internal stereo-encoder and decoder, the on field programmability, makes the EXC/RTX18B a superior choice for a broadcast-grade STL, with reliable and maintenance-free operation. They also perfectly mate with external digital companding encoders/decoders.


- Low noise direct synthesized local oscillator
- External programmability of frequency and power with no need of instruments.
- Simple and modular internal design for an easy maintenance.
- Precise time base, stabilized in temperature.
- Wide adjusting range of input/output levels directly accessible on front panel.
- High quality optional stereo encoder and decoder
- High quality optional stereo decoder, field installable (later on) on the receiver.
- High efficiency power supply with high range input voltage.
- Whole internal digital control without mechanical devices.
- Wide and precise monitoring and control either local or remote.
- Password protection at different levels of control and programming parameters.
- Audio and Mpx inputs/outputs, balanced or unbalanced
- RDS/SCA separated input
- Frequency deviation monitored on the transmitter display
- Input for battery backup with battery charger


exc18 fronte.png

RTX 18B/2-9 200 - 960 MHz


EXC18B/16-25 1.3 -2.5 GHz

cov21 obliquo

EXC-COV Redundancy Unit

Ordering Information

Available in N+1 Configuration
Available in 5W, 10W, 20W and 30W models
Please specify exact frequency when ordering
STL Link Antenna’s also available please contact us.

Tieline designs the world's most powerful DSP-based IP audio codecs for mission critical point-to-point connections and studio-to-transmitter links. Designed for all the latest digital IP broadcast networks, the Genie STL IP codec is the most feature-packed STL-grade IP audio codec with multiple levels of power, audio and network redundancy.

------------ Genie Front Panel

Genie STL features:

  • IPv4/6 compatibility.
  • EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326 compatibility over IP.
  • Low latency cascade-resiliant aptX Enhanced algorithm, as well as Opus, LC-AAC, HE-AAC v1 and v2, MPEG II and III Layer, Tieline Music and MusicPLUS, G.722 and G.711 algorithms.

With Telcos around the globe announcing the phasing out of synchronous ISDN and other leased line networks around the world, thousands of broadcasters have successfully transitioned to Tieline IP codecs when upgrading their Studio to Transmitter Links - and the cost advantages of IP are significant.

------ Genie STL with 4G LTE Backup

 STL-grade IP Audio with Backup to 4G-LTE at the Transmitter Site

Tieline Genie IP codecs also offer:

  • Full remote control from the studio.
  • STL-grade audio over affordable public internet connections, private LANs, fiber connections and public or private WiMAX networks.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual redundant power supplies, automated audio silence detection and IP network backup solutions
  • Automatic network backup to IP, ISDN, POTS/PSTN or wireless broadband like 4G-LTE.
  • 24bit 96kHz low latency linear PCM audio.
  • SmartStream PLUS IP streaming redundancy.
  • Simultaneous analog and AES/EBU digital in/out.
  • Real-time confidence monitoring.

Tieline Genie STL codecs can be configured with IP as the primary connection, with backup to IP, ISDN or POTS by using interchangeable module slots in the codec rear panel.

------ Genie STL with ISDN backup

 STL-grade IP Audio with ISDN Backup

Save Money Now with SmartStream PLUS Redundant Streaming

As an IP audio pioneer, Tieline was the first major codec manufacturer to integrate SmartStream features such as Automated Jitter Buffer management, Forward Error Correction (FEC) and error concealment techniques in all IP codecs. These features dynamically respond to variable conditions over unmanaged IP networks like the public internet to ensure reliable streaming.

   --- SmartStream PLUS logo

Now SmartStream PLUS has revolutionised IP broadcasting by delivering the rock solid and reliable STL-grade audio quality you would expect over a T1/E1 link by using inexpensive unmanaged IP networks like the internet for STLs, audio distribution and remotes.

Tieline can show you how an investment in new codecs will pay for itself in just a few months by using SmartStream PLUS over inexpensive IP links to transport STL-grade, high fidelity audio at a fraction of the cost of synchronous leased lines.

------ Genie STL featuring SmartStream PLUS IP Streaming

STL-grade IP Audio over Affordable IP

Some other manufacturers charge thousands of dollars for IP management software like SmartStream as if it's an optional extra, however Tieline believes high performance and rock-solid reliability is an essential part of each and every broadcast, and therefore delivers its renowned SmartStream IP management software for free. SmartStream PLUS delivers an additional layer of STL-grade redundancy and is available as standard in the Tieline Genie and Merlin families of IP codecs.


Tieline STL Solutions...

Genie STL------------ Genie Front Panel

Tieline Genie STL IP codecs introduce a new generation of the world's most powerful STL grade audio codecs for mission critical studio-to-transmitter links. Genie STL is a DSP-based IP codec with multiple levels of power, audio and network redundancy and is designed for the latest digital IP broadcast networks. 

Find out more about Genie STL Codecs

 Bridge-IT------------ Bridge-IT front view 20130522

Tieline’s Bridge-IT is the ultimate affordable, high-performance, stereo IP audio codec solution for broadcast and professional applications. Designed to deliver point-to-point or multi-point connections, Bridge-IT transports audio streams reliably, simply and effectively over a range of managed and unmanaged wired and wireless* IP data networks, such as LANs, WANs and the internet. Available in Basic and Pro versions.

Find out more about Bridge-IT.

Commander G3------------ Commander G3 Rack - 2RU

The 2RU Commander G3 features two balanced XLR inputs with both front and rear panel headphone outputs and mic inputs. It also has four front panel PPM meters that can display send, return or selected channel audio levels. The screen features real time link information and all controls are available at a touch of a button, or they can be locked out. Find out more about Commander 3G Rack Mount codecs